P.S.I Piccoli Services International have a Professionally qualified and experienced personnel well versed in quality control to ensure a quality product with the state-of-the-art approach in modern food processing, in line with ISO system. With the continuous growing demand for dates in the Saudi Arabian market, our business is focused, since the beginning, on delivering high levels of services to retail and wholesale customers. please find below the list of products that we provide:


Plump, Frozen
Golden Sukkari Dates – Medium & Large Size 

  • Moist, large dates.
  • A high fiber, high energy snack.
  • Suitable for snacking and baking.
  • Unprocessed, no additives whatsoever.
  • Smooth texture, moist and very moreish!
  • These dates include the stone!
  • Sukkari Dates are beautiful, soft, golden dates. They are larger than
    Deglet Nour dates, with all the softness and caramel-like flavor of Medjools! We found these dates to be incredibly moreish! Sukkari dates are characteristically very sweet, and they are more succulent than standard dates.

    Sukkari Dates are the Queen of Dates that are known for their golden, soft, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.Sukkari dates are the perfect replacement to sugary treats. Moist with dessert-likesweetness, these dates never need to be soaked. Just like Caviar is not the same as all fish eggs, Sukkari dates are unlike your typical, large box of dried dates.


SAGAI – Medium & Large Size 

SAGAI is well known in the central region, a crispy dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia,cultivated at Riyadh. The most important physical parameters identified for grading fresh SAGAI dates are size, shape, and external appearance.




KHODARI Medium & Large Size 

Khodri is highly demanded by customers due to its taste, freshness, and reasonable price and imported directly fresh to the customers around the globe. Khodri Date is fusing in chocolates industry by combining dates with gourmet chocolate, then by fusing dates with other delicacies, superb pastries and a vast selection of gourmet foods.





Cultivated in Qassim and Riyadh, These unique dates can be consumed in two different stages, either as fresh dates (Khalal), where they are yellow crunchy & semi-sweet or at an advanced stage of ripeness (Rutab), where their skin becomes thin and crackling and their interior tastes of delicious caramel and brown sugar.





Nabtat Ali is cultivated at Qassim. A crispy dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia, delicious, long yellow color mostly meat with crunchy meat dry. Nabtat Ali size varies from medium to large with an average weight of 15 grams a shaped oval rectangle and the Summit drawn.






ASSELA Well known as dry dates, Cultivated in Al Qassim region and is highly prized for the quality
and flavor of its dates. Has beautiful golden-yellow color and are usually harvested within the month of August.





Rothana is a crispy dry variety of date fruit and one of the finest dates cultivated in Madinah and Yanbu. Deliciously sweet, a bit elastic and chewy in nature with golden brown color.





These large Khodari are dipped in rich milk chocolate to create the ultimate sensation in a
Khodari Taste .





It is an important variety of several areas of kingdom , its fruits has few fibers.  Consumed as Tamar and Matures late in the season. Used for Consumer consumption and Industrial Use .






Packing and Shipment :
Every container is refrigerated and maintained ,with a capacity of holding 18 to 20 tons depending on the packing specifications. With a controlled temperature of -22 F . Please note that the we cannot pack more quantity of Dates to make sure the temperature remains efficient .